Some people think content means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it is really how it works.
“You are far bigger than you think you are”- OSHO

About Writeup360 is a medium helping you make that significant impact you are keen to make, with sharp and precise content using power words, keeping in mind the user-buyer persona, and weaving the magic strategically.
Content writing services provided at catalyse the process of your idea - making connections, conversions, absorption, easily and uniquely.

Each write-up and content created here at is developed phase-wise through a defined and regulated content development cycle.

Unique Features

100% original, grammar error-free write-ups

Write-ups and content created by are original, authentic, thorough, and ensured ones. It is first human-proofread and later thrashed under the scanners of high-end tools and apps to set you to rest assured of its originality, grammars and legitimacy.

Intensive research-based content

The process of research work is intensive, empirical and variable. It depends upon the scope of a project. So, it varies project to project.

Strategic content

Sharpness, preciseness and conciseness are the fundamentals on which the content is created. The user-buyer persona of one’s business is the consideration for strategizing the content at .

Search engine optimized

Write-ups are optimized in the beta stage by the use of carefully handpicked power words identified during empirical research. These power words are selected as per the objective, platform and applications of the content. Depending upon the scope of a project, words are either persuasive, influential, distributive, implied, or campaign booster. So that it can be received by a larger audience and helpful in page ranking.

Builds connect

Ideas, when put across in receptive and power “words” strategically help build connections that thrive. Add this dimension to your value proposition, giving your unique “Ideas” wings to fly. For, Words Are Swords and Content Is King.

About Pallavi Prakash Kumar

Pallavi Prakash Kumar is the founder of An IT engineer and a Certified Digital Content Writer, Pallavi is a Blogger, a Social Contributor and a Healer. She is a freelancer and creates both technical and non-technical content for a lucrative clientele. Pallavi has over seven years of work experience in the IT industry, of which more than four years were as a working writer. She has worked with CMMI-5 company- Digital Group InfoTech Pvt Ltd., where her role encompassed providing professional services to some of the largest advisory and financial banking services firms in the US. The clientele included Wolters Kluwer, JP Morgan Chase, Berkadia, Bank of America, SunTrust, Wells Fargo, Citigroup etc. She has created great content and undertaken some ghost-writing work too, including political narratives and speeches. Her typical client list includes MNCs, Start-ups, Social Communities, Individuals, PHD- pursuant, and politicians.
In her free time, she likes reading and writing poetry, especially limericks. Her forte is Technical Writing. She also loves designing and image editing.
Pallavi has also created ‘She Narrates’ ( ) , her blogging space where she is scripting life lessons borne out of her experiences and experiments as a woman, professional and mother.


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Content Development Cycle By Writeup360

Read. Write. Edit. Review. Optimize. Publish.


Every write-up and content created here at goes through a content development cycle. This cycle has various stages in it before the final delivery. The steps are further grouped into two phases- the alpha phase and beta phase. After each phase, client interaction is kept.

Now, a brief of the content development cycle.

  • 1. In the alpha development phase, the steps involved are (x-ray) reading/ researching, writing, editing, re-writing (optional).
  • 2. A convenient client communication is planned. The content is released after the alpha phase. It is shared with the client for review followed by a feedback session.
  • 3. In the beta development phase, under revisit step, necessary changes are incorporated in the content. The content is optimized, proofread and wrapped up, (or reiteration of any content developmental stage takes place whenever required before the final wrap-up happens).
  • 4. The content is now final for publishing. A convenient client communication again takes place. The final content is shared with the client. Project sign off takes place.

The above content-development cycle is followed in all the project engagements. The cost estimation and kill-fee is entirely based and evaluated on the above content development cycle. To know more hire us or sign up with

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